Velociterra Gives Back Program

At Velociterra, we believe in giving back and making a positive impact. That’s why we’re excited to announce Velociterra Gives Back. It’s our program where we donate 2% of our annual profits to nonprofits doing important work.

Velociterra Gives Back reflects our belief in the power of collective action and employee engagement. We involve our valued staff in the decision-making process to create a meaningful impact and foster a giving culture.

Through this program, our employees nominate and vote for nonprofits aligned with our values. This inclusive approach ensures our giving resonates with our team and reflects our commitment to making a difference.

Each employee gets an opportunity to vote, and we distribute our donations based on their votes. It’s a way to show that every voice matters in our giving efforts. Let’s make a difference together!

To start, we’re donating to these two organizations:

RepresentUs Education Fund (RUEF)

RUEF tackles the root cause of ineffective government by reducing polarization and big money influence in politics. We have donated $220k so far to RepresentUs.

The RepresentUs Education Fund (RUEF), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, uses policy research, public education, and state-of-the art citizen engagement strategies to build a national movement of moderates, conservatives and progressives to revitalize American democracy. Together, we can create a political system in which our elected leaders are accountable to the people and work together to craft effective policy solutions for our shared challenges.

Velociterra Gives Back; image of hands holding dirt and a plant (Carbon 180)

Carbon 180

This organization is dedicated to reversing 200 years of harmful carbon emissions causing issues like fires, floods, and droughts.

What it does: This environmental nonprofit has a simple but radical goal: accelerating the development of carbon removal technologies that would take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and lock it away for hundreds of years or more. It works toward that goal of carbon removal (or “negative emissions”) through policy advocacy on Capitol Hill. The approach has reaped dividends with the passage of legislation — like the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act — that included billions in research and development for carbon removal.