Our history:

From a college tee shirt startup to a professional promotional product manufacturer.


Cory starts selling apparel in college.

Selling licensed swag at UC Berkeley and Stanford showed how much fun yet stressful the life of an entrepreneur can be.


Cory brings apparel to the family trophy shop.

We had only $269k in sales but big ambition.


Ignition Drawing is launched.

Cory received a spam email about a $10 vector art service, which sparked the idea for a new business. Ignition Drawing was launched a month later with a simple website.


Embroidery digitizing is launched.

This became the foundation of our future, much of which was built on great embroidery files.


Arrow Emblems is launched.

We combined our trophy shop pin import knowledge with our growing China manufacturing skills.


Our state-of-the-art China facility breaks ground.

We began construction of our five story, 150k square foot office and later added a few more 100k of manufacturing.


Emerald City Decoration is launched.

We removed our embroidery machines from the trophy shop and created a focused contract decorator.


Chenille is added to Arrow Emblems.

We made our biggest capital investment in chenille machines and really turned chenille into a dominant product for us.


HPI Emblem is purchased, massively expanding our China manufacturing.

HPI had a 20-year history of world-class patch manufacturing and came with a skillfully run factory. Our purchase came with a skillfully run factory of experience and expertise.


Our operation moves to Tukwila.

Our new 13k foot office with modern industrial design seemed too big to fill, yet before long, we filled it.


Layout Lab is launched.

Our research and development is always ongoing. We created a tool that allows our customers to have their end users create designs at home and add efficiency.


Closing down the family trophy shop.

We held on or a long time, but financial losses were mounting, so we sadly closed the shop which began it all.


Impulse Souvenirs is launched.

Tourism products seemed like an interesting market that took advantage of our direct manufacturing and logistics expertise.


Emerald City Decoration launches stickers.

We invested in the equipment to make stickers and with growing success, we’ve upgraded to best-in-class machinery.


The Pandemic really shocks us.

Our sales dropped by 85% in a week, so we pivoted all our factory production to masks and actually grew sales.


Moving time again, to Kent.

Our steady growth required more space. We secured a 35k square foot facility for a spacious office and showroom.


Emerald City Decoration launches DTG printing.

We built a state-of-the-art digital printing operation with production capacity of over 500 prints a day and growing.